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What we do

Maintrix specializing in providing quality skincare products for your brand. Our goal is to bring highly active cosmeceutical formulations to the market. We offer low minimum quantities and short lead times to enable you to launch your skin care brand in only a few weeks.


Custom Formulation

At Maintrix, we provide our clients with custom formulation services. We start from a one-on-one to help figure out the perfect cosmetic formulation.

Our expert product formulation team will help determine what ingredients are best for your needs, using the latest ingredients and technology in the market to creating a highly effective formula suited to your specifications.


Broad Filling Capabilities

Our production lines capable of filling can fill all types of packaging, including bottles, jars, tubes, airless pumps, lip applicators and sachets ranging from small sample sizes to large bulk.

Fast Shipping

Our goal is to meet your specific needs. We use our client’s carrier of choice, and also work through freight forwarders.

All shipping is inspected by our shipping manager and undergoes a final quality check to ensure that packages are adequately prepared, secured and ready for departure.


Minimum Order Quantity

We have the capacity for large established brands and also small entrepreneurs. Our minimum quantities orders are currently the lowest in the European market. 

Research & Development

Our skincare professionals are experts in the cosmetics industry. They use a turn-key onsite laboratory to create highly active ingredient based formulas with comprehensive research and testing.

Our chemists are actively involved in the constant evolving industry keeping up to date with the latest new ingredients, new technologies and new innovations for research and development. 


Create your Brand

Maintrix offers private labelling for professionals who want to sell our products under their own business name or brand. This is commonly referred to as OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer).

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