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Private Label

Maintrix offers private labelling for professionals who want to sell our products under their own business name or brand. This is commonly referred to as OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer).

Our OEM, or Private Label Services, offers professionals the opportunity to build their business without the hassle of creating new formulas. We offer a line of products sold under your own name/brand which opens doors to enhanced distribution opportunities, profitability and business value. Our products are ingredient driven and result oriented collections of in-stock product and packaging in the industry so you are able to explore and embrace the opportunities and possibilities Private Label offers.

Our OEM manufacturing has small minimum orders which is comfortable for small entrepreneurs and businesses.
We understand the pressure of starting a new venture and that is why we are here to assist you in every step of the way. 


Explore, Evaluate & Test Products

From the initial one-to-one meeting we guide you through the process of product selection by understanding your brand concept and work with you to choose a suitable range of products that will display your brand or business name.

We evaluate each choice of product to make sure that they are exactly what you would like to offer in terms of quality and performance. 


Select Packaging

Packaging while simple is quite important when starting a brand or new line. We offer a variety of in-stock packaging working  with premium packaging suppliers so you will feel confident that the packaging your products are sold in are reliable, chic and upscale.

We discuss in depth providing rendering images of what the finished product will look like in the packaging of choice.


Create & Finalize Logo & Product Label

Whether it is a new or an existing brand, our expert graphic designers will help interpret your logo vision into a finished product label design.

We work hand in hand to make sure that design is exactly as envisioned. We also provide translation capabilities in case labels need to be translated into other languages.


Creating Names for Your Products

Deciding on custom unique names and descriptions can be quite a challenge especially with so many skincare brand currently in the market. We help carve out a unique names that will stand out in the market and help promote your line.


Place Your Order & Start Selling

Once the order has been placed, we start to work on the timeline and make sure that you have your products within the minimum time so you can start selling.


Marketing, Collateral Materials & Training

Our work doesn’t end with the shipment of your products, we want to help you make the most of your new skin or body care brand. We offer product knowledge training to help you understand how to use and recommend the products you carry.

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