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The global skin care market is worth over a 100 billion dollars and is on the rise every year. Skincare presents a profitable opportunity for business people and existing skincare companies to enter the cosmeceutical Industry.

At Maintrix we have everything you need, ranging from our extensive portfolio of products that includes an extraordinary selection of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, scrubs, masks, and treatment kits to high quality and effective ingredient led skin care products.


Maintrix (We) specializing in providing quality skincare products for your brand.

Our goal is to bring highly active cosmeceutical formulations to the market. We offer low minimum quantities and short lead times to enable you to launch your skin care brand in only a few weeks.

In choosing to work with Maintrix (Us) as your Custom Formulation House you join a partnership with a company that continues to raise the bar regarding outstanding customer service, imperative skincare knowledge and a dedication to assist you in achieving your dream products.

The World’s Leading Partner for Highly Active Performance Product Solutions, Custom Formulations and Private Labelling


Create your Brand

Maintrix offers private labelling for professionals who want to sell our products under their own business name or brand. This is commonly referred to as OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer).

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