Peptide Therapy

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An innovative, sophisticated complex and flexible method empowering skin rejuvenation. According to skin type and concern, skin professional has the ability to provide the right Alchemy adding the right peptide dosage and combining the most effective peptides for instant and safe results. Peptides are categorized as signal and enzyme inhibitors peptides, stimulates collagen production by alerting the fibroblast that the skin is breaking down and needs to be repaired. Enzyme inhibitor peptides can reduce the breakdown of collagen and other proteins by interfering with processes that break down those proteins. As we age, we naturally produce an enzyme that breaks down the skin, which in turns tells our bodies that we need to boost collagen and elastin levels to repair it. We can simulate this same process WITHOUT breaking down the skin by using peptides to signal our fibroblasts.
Because peptides are small, they can penetrate the skin’s protective barriers to get to the deeper layers, used for healing and regeneration of the skin and to help remove damaged collagen.
Signal peptides are perfect for preventative and ageing clients who want to improve the strength of their skin.


1. Improved dramatically skin firmness and elasticity
2. Decreased wrinkle depth and lines lifted
3. Anti-pigmented actions from ageing spots and pigmented skin
4. Instant results
5. Improving tired, dull or mature skins
6. A clearer, brighter and suppler complexion
7. Promotes cell turnover, accelerating a sluggish system, so young skin cells reach the top faster and skin looks more youthful


200ml, 500ml, 50ml, Customize Size


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